United States

Atomic frontier days : Hanford and the American West

Ducktown smoke : the fight over one of the South’s greatest environmental disasters

The environmental moment : 1968-1972

Public lands, public debates : a century of controversy

Environment in the balance : the Green movement and the Supreme court

Cash for your trash : Scrap recycling in America

The republic of nature : an environmental history of the United States

Gone tomorrow : the hidden life of garbage

American environmental history

Three Mile Island : a nuclear crisis in historical perspective

The making of environmental law

Motorized obsessions : life, liberty, and the small-bore engine

The evolution of American ecology, 1890–2000

Corporate america and environmental policy : how often does business get its way ?

Car country : an environmental history

Green backlash : the history and politics of environmental opposition in the U.S.

Mass media and environmental conflict : America′s green crusades

First along the river : a brief history of the U.S. environmental movement

The greening of a nation ? Environmentalism in the United States since 1945

Don’t breathe the air : air pollution and U.S. environmental politics, 1945-1970

Redefining efficiency : pollution concerns, regulatory mechanisms, and technological change in the U.S. petroleum industry

Nature next door : cities and trees in the American Northeast

The age of smoke : environmental policy in Germany and the United States, 1880-1970

Qu’est-ce que l’histoire environnementale ?

US environmental history : inviting doomsday

Forging a common bond : labor and environmental activism during the BASF lockout

Lost among the parts per billion : ecological protection at the United States environmental protection agency, 1970–1993